Holiday struggle (9-365): GUEST BLOGGER GLAMMA

Holiday struggle (9-365)

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Guest Blogger: Glamma

It seems like everything about this season is laid out to be a struggle. We are struggling with balancing the money, time, sleep, entertainment, drinking, the crowds, personalities, and the ever famous string of lights. I say kick bak, let them fight as we wrap ourselves in the colors of the season. Happy Holidays.


4 Responses

  1. love the blue lights – but i did not have to struggle with mine – thank goodness for jonathan – my friend … 😆

    your phonos get better and better… am enjoying them thanks.
    stay safe and well. blessings…palestar

  2. Love the picture!

  3. great advice, kev! that’s an awesome pic– love it!! merry christmas, guys! xo

  4. I’m ready to leave 2008 behind, and venture forth into a brave, awesome New Year.

    Who knows? Maybe I’ll even make it to Toronto and get my first tattoo!

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