Boxing Day

Glowy 1968, originally uploaded by everythingsjustjake.

A wonderful time spent at Pammers’ place yesterday, Christmas and Day 5 of Hannukah.
We had a gorgeous, delicious, moist (!) Turkey, loads of veggies, loads of everything, really. I’m STILL stuffed.
I finally got to speak with my family into the evening after their very own hectic day. I had talked to my sister earlier in the day but I finally got to talk to my very exhausted Mom into the evening. She ended her day with a sleep-over at my sister’s. It was weird to not get to speak with my Dad on Christmas day but I hope to talk to him today or tomorrow. While still being cryptic, I’m guessing he will be uber-exhausted after his journey over the past couple of days.
Off to our buddy, Oliver’s, today. Check out his music and purchase it. That’s the REAL treat you want ot buy yourself with all of your Christmas money! Click on his name above and, when you’re ready, click here to get the CD from CDBaby.

Hope all of your Chrismukkahs were- and still are- amazing.
All the power to any of you who braved shopping today.
I did a boxing day shop once; I really doubt I ever will again. :/


3 Responses

  1. Thinking of your dad!

  2. Ooooh…cool shot!
    The best part of day 5 for me was talking to you and Pam! YAY!
    I went out today and the shops were EMPTY! I forgot it was the day after xmas.

  3. Jake Man!

    The Holidays can be so crazy!!! Hope the days continue to be FAB for u!

    Thanks for pointing out the music by your friend Oliver. I really like “stay awhile”!!! It felt so “Bobby” if I can be so bold? LOL …. Totally hot! I will be making a purchase!!!


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