This is what we do: Jan 01, 09


This what we do, originally uploaded by everythingsjustjake.

Day 1 of 2009.

Pammers, Glamma and I all headed out for a yummy, greasy spoon breakfast.
The people sitting next to us in the diner on Queen West were very unimpressed with the fact that we were all sitting about with our respective iPhones and Blackberry and taking photos. Not that we were trying to impress. Unhappy looks were shot our way as an unhappy conversation took place at that table. You know the conversations: Nothing in their lives nor in anyone they were taking about had any kind of goodness to it. I think that if they had an iPhone, their lives would be greatly enriched.
Glad that they were “happy” on their happy, new year’s day.

We carried on.

We conversed about being happy to not have a hangover as we figured that a lot of our peeps might not be so lucky today! Damn New Year’s Hangovers!

I prefer to start any new time in my life (new year, new career, new anything that requires reflection and/ or change) fresh. Not hung. Like so many previous times in my life. It was great!

At any rate, Happy 2009, all. Hope this day finds you well, happy and not hung over. If not, reflect a little more today to see what it is that can change to make it better, if it’s at all controlable.
Happiness is not superficial. Being deep is fantastic, as long as you can find balance and allow yourself some “un-thinking” time to let “it will” be.
Being deep and miserable is seriously over-rated.



6 Responses

  1. happy new year, jake! and i totally agree–so great to not wake up hungover! it’s the best way to start the day… wishing you all the best in 2009!

  2. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to be unhappy with an iPhone! It’s the solution to any problem.

  3. Today was fun – not deep – but fun! And HAPPY! Thanks for starting another year with me! We’re approaching 27 WOO!


  4. well i feel blessed that all of you are around. take good care and keep on keepin on. blessings…palestar

  5. Jake!
    Happy New Year to you, Glamma, and Pammers!

    Funny, how many of us went out searching for a breakfast spot New Years Day!

    Being the first day of a New Year, I say its all about the freshness of the moment and the months to come. A “DO OVER” of sorts!

    Annette and I noticed that our “breakfast neighbors” were obsessed with requesting raisins and brown sugar for their oatmeal. Sorry, but if I am going out for breakfast. OATMEAL would be the last thing I would order. They ate the oatmeal like it was a 5 star dish! Annette and I settled for Chocolate Chip Pankcakes and French Toast. No IPHONES were present. LOL

    Looking forward to 2009!!!!!

  6. I for one have no issues with that kind of communication. If those people could have stopped giving dirty looks and started texting, mayhaps they would have smiled more! Oh unless they don’t have iPhones… in that case I understand their frowns! 😉

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