Procrastimarketing: AKA Occam’s Razor

Beginning of the day:
I am working on a seven page marketing presentation for Wednesday/ Thursday.
All the live long day and night and tomorrow and the day after that.
Market research is fun.
Oh, wait. No. No, it isn’t fun.
Stats. Yay.
Stat analysis. Woo.
snort. mfft- warble

End of the night:
Occam’s Razor: “All other things being equal, the simplest solution is the best.”
This can [somewhat] be applied to prepping a Marketing Plan, Stat Analysis and a Promo Plan.
i.e. take dated government stats with a grain of salt. A lot can happen in three years. Go with what you know from immediate info gathered from Surveys, Focus Groups and Rock concerts.
And the most Occam’s Razor thing about today: take the advice of seesters when they tell you to take out all words under four letters when condensing. 🙂 SO much easier to condense. You realize that you can actually eliminate entire sentences.

Wasn’t that an EXCITING post?!

5 Responses

  1. oh, jake- good luck w/ all that! xo

  2. Umm, I had so much fun reading this. I read it 2X so it would all sink in! LOL

    So I will go with Liz ~ Good Luck W/ All That! LOL


  3. I’m totally with ya.
    The under 4 letters rule has gotten us out of so many jams and has made condensing so much easier. If it were not for my rule, I have no idea how Karen would’ve gotten through law school or we’d have ever written book proposals that sold. It works every time! When you combine our 4 letter word rule with our use fewer than ten words to say what you mean rule, report writing is a BREEZE!

  4. Did you learn about Occam’s razor from Carl Sagan? Shoot me if i am wrong?

    I am drunk. I love you.


  5. Buffy: No shooting necessary. From Carl Sagan.

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