The Characters We Play Day to Day: Win SWAG!

We all play at least three characters in our lives: Work, Social & Home Self. How do you differentiate the three?

More and more, for most people in the age of Web 2.0, the distinction between these three characters are getting muddied. We work from home; we shop from home; we work/ socialize from home on Twitter or Facebook or on the go through our Blackberrys or iPhones.

Socializing is networking is socializing.

When it comes to differentiating how we look behind our computer screens or computer phones to an actual face-to-face “Tweet-up”, are we thinking about how we present ourselves?

A large percentage of people are working from home and we have integrated our social and work networks through the world wide web. For the most part, how we prepare ourselves in the morning for the day has vastly changed! Showers aren’t as important at 7AM. In fact, showers have become more of an afternoon thing. Prepping ourselves in a suit or fierce little office outfit are becoming a thing of the past.

Yet, they are still all available to us.

Those of us that are still part of the daily grind (a large percentage) are wearing the office drag but that office drag has also become a part of our social beat as well.

In either case, there is less and less distinction of how we look from home/ office to how we look socially. The “social” network, these days, usually has a “work” network as an underlying M.O. And that should be celebrated!

I have a quest: I’d love to know how YOU differentiate your looks in all that you do: work, play, home/ down time, weekends that have nothing to do with work. I’m especially curious if any of us do NOT do something that involves a bit of networking during “down time” weekends any more.

SO! For your chance to win a package of my favorite hair products (by draw) worth well over $100 (not necessarily as shown), please share with me and the rest: How do YOU change your looks in your various work/ social/ home scenarios?