The Characters We Play Day to Day: Win SWAG!

We all play at least three characters in our lives: Work, Social & Home Self. How do you differentiate the three?

More and more, for most people in the age of Web 2.0, the distinction between these three characters are getting muddied. We work from home; we shop from home; we work/ socialize from home on Twitter or Facebook or on the go through our Blackberrys or iPhones.

Socializing is networking is socializing.

When it comes to differentiating how we look behind our computer screens or computer phones to an actual face-to-face “Tweet-up”, are we thinking about how we present ourselves?

A large percentage of people are working from home and we have integrated our social and work networks through the world wide web. For the most part, how we prepare ourselves in the morning for the day has vastly changed! Showers aren’t as important at 7AM. In fact, showers have become more of an afternoon thing. Prepping ourselves in a suit or fierce little office outfit are becoming a thing of the past.

Yet, they are still all available to us.

Those of us that are still part of the daily grind (a large percentage) are wearing the office drag but that office drag has also become a part of our social beat as well.

In either case, there is less and less distinction of how we look from home/ office to how we look socially. The “social” network, these days, usually has a “work” network as an underlying M.O. And that should be celebrated!

I have a quest: I’d love to know how YOU differentiate your looks in all that you do: work, play, home/ down time, weekends that have nothing to do with work. I’m especially curious if any of us do NOT do something that involves a bit of networking during “down time” weekends any more.

SO! For your chance to win a package of my favorite hair products (by draw) worth well over $100 (not necessarily as shown), please share with me and the rest: How do YOU change your looks in your various work/ social/ home scenarios?


14 Responses

  1. Well, I’m a SAHM so I can wear pretty much whatever I want. I do have several shades of lipstick for different occasions and different necklaces for different occasions.

    I try to play with my make p and use that to differentiate between my looks.

  2. I play three distinct rolls in my life, each which carry a bunch of sub rolls within’ their own categories. I have the Boxer, The Musician, and the Business Man.

    On any given day I will be carrying a bag full of three completely different outfits with a possible suit jacket slung over my shoulder during it all. My gym gear is a jumbled group of homely clothes and a skully that scream ‘out I don’t care what you think of me, I get respect by destroying my opponent.” Upon leaving the gym I will change into my casual gear which would represent the musician. This is a skateboard hip hop motif also letting everybody know I don’t really care what you think (often shirtless in the summer with a twisted cap) but I am still very stylish. This character is more like myself or who I think of as myself and carries a bit of a charming ego. Often striking up conversation with random girls and cruising around the streets of Toronto visiting friends on my bike, this is my favorite and most comfortable role. Unfortunately these two personalities don’t pay ALL of the bills and money is sometimes lacking in these characters. Enter the business man. This character can be seen running a business from home or hitting the hot pavement in a slick pinstripe suit. Also very charming but in a less obtrusive respectful way this gentleman practices good grammar and excellent posture.

    These three characters are my life and can often be seen all hanging out together in social situations or interacting as one through various social networks. To get a better idea of these three roles please take a glimpse at my life.

    Galen Hogg,

    The musician:

    The Business Man:

    The Boxer:

  3. I work at an ad agency, so I’ve got a fair bit of lee-way when it comes to my “office look”. I wear layers, so I can wear a dress and cute jacket during the day, and the dress and heels for a night out. I usually throw on some lipstick and do something different with my hair (headband for the office, loose for dinner out) to change it up too. I work with my fiance, so I like looking a little different than the girl he sees at the office all day too.

  4. I only really have 2 styles I am a Personal Support Worker that works with Alzeimer’s residents so I have to keep my hair up and away so for work and home its a ponytail and everything else its blown stright im pretty much a plain jane but on the look for something exciting

  5. Hey there! Good article. You actually made me think about this because your right, they are getting a bit muddled. Well my work look is easy because I wear somewhat of a uniform so the only thing that can really be individual about me there is my hair so I always make sure that looks really cool. At home when no one is around I wear mostly tank tops and old jeans and never a bra! Even though no one is there I still am more comfortable in body fitting clothes though. The bra thing is different from when I go out because I always where a hot one when I go out. And usually red lipstick and really cool shoes 🙂 the rest of it is just whatever feels right for that day. Wow, that was long, thanks for making me think! 🙂

  6. I’m at home with the kids so my wardrobe consists of mainly dropping my kids off @ school with my hair in a pony tail and my running gear on but when I pick them up I’m a whole new woman, hair down, make up on and every day clothes. I always try and wear something that makes me feel good. When I go out, a little more attention is paid to the makeup and hair plus the outfit gets a little more “adult” because I like to turn a few heads to let myself know I still got it!

  7. right now, I don’t- I am having chemo to try and treat my MS and my hair looks fried. So my look is either “as is” at home or if I am going out, I try to make it look less hideous by adding some gel and blowdrying it upside down for a minute. Either was, I miss my curls. Let’s face it, I need a hair intervention. The worst of it is that I wouldn’t care, but my son graduates in2 weeks and I am going to be in photos and looking like CARP!! Nothing like having bad hair days preserved forever!! 😦

  8. At home I generally do the shorts or boxers and muscle shirt cuz it’s usually very hot in the apartment. As for work, it’s pretty casual in our office so I do the slacks, dress flats (boys) and a polo shirt to keep things a little dressed up. When I go out to visit ppl, it’s usually just a pair a jeans and a tshirt.
    There’s not much hair to look after, almost shoulder length right now, and it will NOT be tamed, it refuses to do as I tell it… so that’s a real issue for me… lol

  9. I live at the BEACH.
    I work at the BEACH.
    I live in jeans, t-shirts and running shoes.
    Lipstick, eyeliner, mascara…that’s as fancy as I get pretty much 100% of the time 😉

  10. Being in the style industry, image is a major part of my daily routine.
    Right now, though in the industry, I am presently bound by academia and the gentle restrictions a school can have on one’s outward appearance….or as least as much restriction as I let it have 😉
    I guess you could say my school self IS my work self at the moment…and I AM the man in black Mon-Thurs. exhibiting bus. casual attire. Friday’s is when the leash is loosened and style abounds in many a varied interpretation.

    My home self is pretty well lounging duds…shorts n’ tees and such. Maybe a bandanna if I’m feeling especially saucy.

    My social self is, ummm, well……you’ve all heard about against the grain? I wear what I want really. I try my hardest to avoid trends, but the ones I DO engage in, I’m choosy about.

    I could drone on ’bout this fo’ hours…..but I’ll allow for others to have the floor as well! SPEAK, for ye shall be heard my fellow desciples (sp?) of the catwalk 😉

  11. MMmmmm what role does fashion play

    Let me start by saying, I have never cared about fashion. I spent my 20s in jeans and a sweatshirt scoffing at all the young women who poo pood themselves to no end. “High maintenance” I’d say. I was young, charismatic, had an infectious smile, cute button nose and kept everyone laughing.(arrogance might have been an issue at the time as you can see) Peshawww with fashion. Now that I’ve hit my 40s and realize that what is reflected in the mirror is a full grown woman with wrinkles, a few extra pounds and BAD FASHION. I guess it’s true what they say, in the 21st Century, 40 is the new 20. I have found hope that I can reinvent myself with fashion. I suddenly care. Once, my personality was my free ticket to everything, now the only free ticket is the circus and I’m apparently the main attraction. (stop saying you’re laughing with me damn it)

    Work – I’ve realized that the blond little fashionista that sits next to me and damn near needs to be watered twice a week gets away with murder in her day to day fumbles because she’s so easy on the eyes. I’ve just recently put some thought into what people see when I walk through the door.
    I have what it takes to be a double threat, brains and looks. ;0) I’m thinking Blondie will move desks soon. She can be someone else’s plant life.

    Socially- Though I could own a room in my 20s just by being there, the attention I was getting in my 40s was not only unwelcomed (you know the look) but would generally keep me seated instead of on the dance floor. I want to be classy and flirty damn it, not ‘mom’ as everyone was starting to put it. It’s an upward battle due to the fact that most people did spend their 20s perfecting their look and I’m a new student in my 40s. Who’s got egg on their face now? (I’ve always hated that saying, I mean really…..eggs?) I have had some help, and well… spend alot of time watching What Not To Wear and doing alot of crying. (Is that wrong?)

    Home – That area of my life can’t be touched. My husband will tell you, like clock work, the minute I walk through the door I rip my clothes off and put on PJs. I can’t help it, I hate socks, bras and underwear. (sheepish grin) I’m somewhat incorrigible. Though being bra less at 40 is brave don’t you think?

    As you can see, I’m in the infancy stage concerning fashion and the roles I take on. I have to say, I’ve never enjoyed shopping so much and having an opportunity to become the new and improved Lyne. It barely took what……….40 years. Hun, I got to start somewhere. I still have so much to learn and would benefit from some professional help (I’m talking fashion here so don’t get smart) but I think I’ll be a pro by 50 *sigh* who knew looking good was this hard.

  12. Well let’s see. Monday to Friday is scrubs, a rainbow of solid colored outfits to choose from. Hair pulled up, BUT always eyes done up, my best feature. Face is covered up to hide the imperfections. Down time is jeans or sweats, comfy is good. IF by chance I get to go out I really like to jazz it up….bring on the gettin the hair did, bring on the full killer makeup and a great outfit to boot! Looking so fierce that it scares me…lol!

  13. I’m a SAHM so my fashion statements are usually accessorized with a baby on the hip or a scowl on my face. Recently I decided to start my own photography business, and I have had to think more about what I look like out in the world. I shot a wedding with a friend and I had an hour of tossing clothes around my bedroom, nearly in tears that everything looked like crap. I ended up settling on pants that did not bust open when I squated down and a shirt that hadn’t seen the light of day in years. Don’t even ask about the shoes, they made me cringe.
    At home, I go from one pair of comfy clothes to the next. I run to the store, I throw on a pair of jeans. Date night?? WHAT THE HECK IS THAT!!??
    Its about time for me to get back in the world.

    Oh, and the hair. You know the story. Chopped it myself and if I am at home it is usually in a pony. I really live it up when we go out … I leave it down. I have no fashion sense 🙂

  14. When I’m working at home on the computer, I pretty much stay in my pajamas or leggings/tank tops; however, when I’m doing hands-on creative stuff, like sewing or altering clothes, I dress/accessorize/make-up in a funky style that reflects the look I’m designing.

    When I had my art business website up a few years ago, I made sure my style in public projected the same image as my signature style. Because I soon will be relaunching my site, I will be more conscientious of how I appear when out + about.

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