I find inspiration everywhere. There have been a succession of people whom I’ve met who inspire me to not only blog but to vlog and make art.

I am a stylist of hair, makeup and personal styling. I have worked with some famous, semi-famous and D to Z Listers. I have worked in Film, TV, video and I have worked and toured with musicians. As much as I love working with “My Peeps”, my favorite thing to do is to work in my home studio and abroad and to really make the everyday person happy with their Self.

I am an aspiring writer. I have been published. I had a column that I had to give up as I was so busy doing other stuff. That sux. Read my beauty and fashion articles here and other articles here.

I am in edit process of my first fiction novel. I wrote it in eight months and I have been editing it for a year and 1/2. I have an interested publisher. Let’s hope something’s gonna give soon. I am also working on a screenplay. 

That’s right. I have zero aspiration-

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