Closing. And Opening.


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I am at the END of my rope. This is me at the end of a long day. I feel like [a younger] Jack Nicholson as Jack. In The Shinning. Don’t show me an axe. For the love of all things sacred-

I have a lot on the plate. I have two months to figure out what to do. Really DO. Where I want my studio store front to be. Among other major business decisions, I am back to 16 hour days: school, meetings, operations, unscheduled meetings.
Tomorrow is a day that will be another long one. School, SCHEDULED meeting with my advisor/ mentor, client.

I am bagged. I’m pretty sure that I’ve used that expression far too much in the past 10 weeks-

I take umbrage with a few things at the moment. I’d like them to be recognized.

Completely plagerized from some seesters that I know and love so much:

Je suis heurues de:
*the fact that Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is now on for me to fall asleep to. “We’re just two little girls from Little Rock.”
*the fact that we have a great place to live & work from: warm and cozy and a ton of space.
*the fact that I’m a week away from finishing my course. Gotta get on with it! Will this mean no more 16 hours a day? Nah- Just means more operations hours will open up! I know me-

Mes Bêtes Noires:
*LA cancellation this week. I really needed that. I miss my peeps. I will miss the new connections: Deven, specifically.
*business decisions that need to be made. Pronto. What to do, what to do. Cryptic. I know.
*I’m a year late for getting a store front. [But I guess that’s good, considering the fake recession that was pushed on us this past fall and that scared people shitless to not spend money.]
* the filler that I have been inundated with over the past couple of days.

In the end, I’m very excited about this year. Nothing can bring me down. Nothing.




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At the end of writing my business plan, I am preparing cue cards to present my faux-presentation tomorrow. Having now written my Executive Summary, it is apparent to me that I can- basically- present the entire Plan based on it. The actual, real presentation is on Thursday. I NEED to focus.
I know. This is all terribly exciting. It is to me too. I really enjoyed this “course” but I’m at my wits end some days as I just want to get on with it. Ironically, I have increased my clientele, my business, my repeat customers; I really didn’t expect this. I was busy in December (to be expected) which was a far cry from August thru November. If you have never lived off of credit, I DO NOT recommend it. Life is just a big series of catching up right now. Catching up with bills from the Fall. I’m almost there. But it took too much time, too much borrowing and too much of everything, really. I think that the farce that was the economic scare this past fall was something that was intentional to us, the small business owners. Sorry, Global Economists. Your BS did not work on me in the end. It took some creativity- with the help of the knowledge I gained from The Toronto Business Development Centre- I have realized even more what I have and had to do to survive.
But here I am . Working up to a 30 hour week, in class for 20 hours a week and homework that requires at least 10 hours on top of everything else.
Now- just to add a little desert- I was contacted on Friday by the ex-Exec Producer from a show that I worked on last year; she wants to talk about a pitch for a TV show I sent to her last April. I thought that it had been kyboshed. I realize that development takes time but I really didn’t realize that it takes that much time for Developers (of whom she now is) to realize a great, potential show. Apparently, Tv show developers are inundated with potential shows. Who knew? A lot of you, most likely. I did not. At any rate, I am happy to know that there is still interest.
I am also trying to find time to prep for our meeting on Wednesday to talk about the potential of the show, give examples of treatments and a revised pitch (of which we will potentially do together). I am happy she seems genuinely excited about the possibility. More on that later. I just need to find 10 more hours this week to come up with what I need/ want to be prepared for Wednesday.
Glamma has been away for over a week. He was originally supposed to come home tomorrow but he has decided to extend his trip for another week. Very glad for him that he has decided this! So many opportunites on The Coast. Great work, great hob-nobbing, great lectures, great dinners with Emmy and Oscar Award winning makeup artists. Not to mention meetings with Tattoo Artists that are ACTUALLY willing to share their knowledge.
At any rate, my present bed-mates, two kitties known as Baily and M, have pretty much taken over the bed after I retire for the evening. Last night was a night of complete bed-hogging by the two. So much so that I ended up on the other side of the bed. Oh, those cats!
It’ll be an interesting week.
I will try to blog again on Wednesday after my meeting with my favorite EP/ Developer.
Stay well.
Stay warm.
Just Stay.

This is what we do: Jan 01, 09


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Day 1 of 2009.

Pammers, Glamma and I all headed out for a yummy, greasy spoon breakfast.
The people sitting next to us in the diner on Queen West were very unimpressed with the fact that we were all sitting about with our respective iPhones and Blackberry and taking photos. Not that we were trying to impress. Unhappy looks were shot our way as an unhappy conversation took place at that table. You know the conversations: Nothing in their lives nor in anyone they were taking about had any kind of goodness to it. I think that if they had an iPhone, their lives would be greatly enriched.
Glad that they were “happy” on their happy, new year’s day.

We carried on.

We conversed about being happy to not have a hangover as we figured that a lot of our peeps might not be so lucky today! Damn New Year’s Hangovers!

I prefer to start any new time in my life (new year, new career, new anything that requires reflection and/ or change) fresh. Not hung. Like so many previous times in my life. It was great!

At any rate, Happy 2009, all. Hope this day finds you well, happy and not hung over. If not, reflect a little more today to see what it is that can change to make it better, if it’s at all controlable.
Happiness is not superficial. Being deep is fantastic, as long as you can find balance and allow yourself some “un-thinking” time to let “it will” be.
Being deep and miserable is seriously over-rated.


Boxing Day

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A wonderful time spent at Pammers’ place yesterday, Christmas and Day 5 of Hannukah.
We had a gorgeous, delicious, moist (!) Turkey, loads of veggies, loads of everything, really. I’m STILL stuffed.
I finally got to speak with my family into the evening after their very own hectic day. I had talked to my sister earlier in the day but I finally got to talk to my very exhausted Mom into the evening. She ended her day with a sleep-over at my sister’s. It was weird to not get to speak with my Dad on Christmas day but I hope to talk to him today or tomorrow. While still being cryptic, I’m guessing he will be uber-exhausted after his journey over the past couple of days.
Off to our buddy, Oliver’s, today. Check out his music and purchase it. That’s the REAL treat you want ot buy yourself with all of your Christmas money! Click on his name above and, when you’re ready, click here to get the CD from CDBaby.

Hope all of your Chrismukkahs were- and still are- amazing.
All the power to any of you who braved shopping today.
I did a boxing day shop once; I really doubt I ever will again. :/

Where Do We Go From Here?

Extensions gone. But not forgotten. What to do with the do?

I mentioned in my last post that it was a bus(ier) November. That being said, I’m still catching up with finances from all-things-lost during the initial global financial scare through September and October. It’s AMAZING how much that affected people. But, now that people are not buying houses, condos and focusing on “back to basics”, clients and new clients need to make themselves feel better. I get it. Even as a stylist, I do the same thing. I’m freaked about money. So the first thing that makes me feel good again is having good hair, working out, having good skin, etc. That has been the conversation with clients this month. People seem to communally be feeling the same. Look good, feel better. 

Now, I realize that there are more important things going on in the world. What is affecting us personally is not as bad as what else is going on. But, all I know at the moment is what affects me personally. When I’m at a better place, I feel that I can focus on what is happening in the world. There is a certain amount of guilt there but it’s hard to not focus on what is going on in one’s own life when the chips are down.

Anyone else out there feeling it?

Please help me with some research!

Hi peeps!

I am conducting a survey on the personal care industry and I would LOVE to have your input on some questions. Please copy and paste this and answer it in “COMMENTS” or paste it into an email message and send it back to me at by Monday. Thanks so much for participating in this and helping me in my quest!


1. From 1 to 10 (1 being least important, 10 being most), please rate the following statements:

1. My hair is the most important thing about my personal style.

2. My makeup is most important about my personal style.

3. My clothing is most important about my personal style.

4. My hair and makeup is most important about my personal style.

5. My hair, makeup and clothing are all equally important about my personal style.


2. When choosing a place to have my hair done, the most important thing to me is:

a. location.

b. Price.

c. The stylist. I will go wherever he or she is.


3. I have my hair professionally done:

a. once a year.

b. twice a year.

c. three times a year.

d. four times a year.

e. five or more times a year.


4. Are the following statements true or false:

a. I have paid to have my makeup professionally done.

b. I would pay to have my makeup done.

c. I often pay to have my makeup professionally done.

d. I don’t pay to have my makeup professionally done but I do buy products after having it done.

e. I have no interest in having my makeup professionally done.


5. Are the following statements true or false:

a. I have paid a stylist to help me with my clothing/ personal style.

b. I would pay a stylist to help me with my clothing/ personal style.

c. I often pay a stylist to help me with my clothing/ personal style.

d. I don’t pay to have a stylist to help me with my clothing/ personal style but I do buy products after having been styled (i.e. in a retail establishment).

e. I have no interest in having a stylist help me with my personal style.


6. When it comes to personal styling (hair, makeup and clothing), I spend:

a. less than $200 a year.

b. more than $200 but less than $500.

c. more than $500 but less than $1000.

d. more than $1000 but less than $5000.

e. more than $5000 but less than $10000.

f. more than $10000.


7. Would you rather:

a. shop or have your hair/ makeup done at a large retailer (i.e. Macy’s, Nieman Marcus; The Bay, Holt Renfrew) than to go to a boutique?

b. shop or have your hair/ makeup done at a boutique than go to a large retailer?


8. From the previous statement regarding large retailer vs. boutique, please explain your decision.


9. Please rate the following (1 being most important, 3 being least) in order of their importance to you: Hair.




10. If you were presented with a space/ studio where you could have “one stop shopping” (hair, makeup, aesthetics, retail products, personal styling), would this be appealing to you?


11. Please take a moment to comment on what else might be important to you in having any image/ image modification/ personal care services (i.e. environment, personality of stylist, body modification; ANYTHING!). Thanks!

Jake The Gay Stylist

Hi. I’m Jake the Gay Stylist.

Markets implode world-wide. 

What’s your back-up plan?

[And I ain’t talking about some doomsday/ armeagedon/  2012 kind of bull.]

Where are your suitcases packed for? Are you going with Tina Fey (if McCain/ Palin get into power) off the Earth?

Are we screwed?