The Characters We Play Day to Day: Win SWAG!

We all play at least three characters in our lives: Work, Social & Home Self. How do you differentiate the three?

More and more, for most people in the age of Web 2.0, the distinction between these three characters are getting muddied. We work from home; we shop from home; we work/ socialize from home on Twitter or Facebook or on the go through our Blackberrys or iPhones.

Socializing is networking is socializing.

When it comes to differentiating how we look behind our computer screens or computer phones to an actual face-to-face “Tweet-up”, are we thinking about how we present ourselves?

A large percentage of people are working from home and we have integrated our social and work networks through the world wide web. For the most part, how we prepare ourselves in the morning for the day has vastly changed! Showers aren’t as important at 7AM. In fact, showers have become more of an afternoon thing. Prepping ourselves in a suit or fierce little office outfit are becoming a thing of the past.

Yet, they are still all available to us.

Those of us that are still part of the daily grind (a large percentage) are wearing the office drag but that office drag has also become a part of our social beat as well.

In either case, there is less and less distinction of how we look from home/ office to how we look socially. The “social” network, these days, usually has a “work” network as an underlying M.O. And that should be celebrated!

I have a quest: I’d love to know how YOU differentiate your looks in all that you do: work, play, home/ down time, weekends that have nothing to do with work. I’m especially curious if any of us do NOT do something that involves a bit of networking during “down time” weekends any more.

SO! For your chance to win a package of my favorite hair products (by draw) worth well over $100 (not necessarily as shown), please share with me and the rest: How do YOU change your looks in your various work/ social/ home scenarios?


The Mythical Makeover

Lately, Deven Green has been entertaining me and a plethora of my friends with her series of dubbed videos of Brenda Dickson of 80s The Young and the Restless fame.

When I think of the word Makeover, my minds eye immediately sees the image above. Oh, Brenda.

Makeover is a term rampant from the 80s. It implies that you are not fit for the world. Further images of a mass of women sitting in Department Store Cosmetic Chairs being made over by other women who looked similar to the image of Brenda above (and whom still look like this but 25 years later) haunt me.

Makeover still exists, sadly. Preying on the insecurities of women everywhere, retailers convince women what their look should be based on the dictated Look of the season. It’s true. I lived it for years- I was that flamboyant gay guy who sold many of you The Look.

Luckily, women today are much smarter. And men too, for that matter. [We all know at least one Metrosexual.] Because information moves at such a rapid rate through the internet (or what my buddy Johnny calls The Oracle), people, in general, are much more educated and savvy as to what they want. The problem for people (from what I have encountered) is that, even though they know what they want, they don’t know how to get there. I have deduced that we all (at least in the Western World) play at least three different characters in our lives: Work Me, Home Me & Social Me. Another concern I have encountered from people is that all three of these characters can often meld into one more than not.

Even if- in most cases- peeps would rather have a little more distinction between their three faces of Eve. Okay. Maybe I’ve carried it too far, but you get my meaning.

The Studio offers makeup, hair and styling services that suit your needs and wants. Where you walk into most salons, you are inundated with having to become- at least a little- part of that culture. I am more concerned about being part of your culture, working with you and developing a look that works for you in every aspect of your life. Your Look has to represent you. Your Look shouldn’t necessarily own you, as it owns our dear Brenda above. Sure, sure. There’s a time and a place for pulling a Dickson. But we’re not always on a Red Carpet in 1984.

No. Own your Look or Looks. You should always have the final say of what you look like, appropriate to the situation, of course. And if you’re having a problem getting there, email me and let’s consult!

Procrastimarketing: AKA Occam’s Razor

Beginning of the day:
I am working on a seven page marketing presentation for Wednesday/ Thursday.
All the live long day and night and tomorrow and the day after that.
Market research is fun.
Oh, wait. No. No, it isn’t fun.
Stats. Yay.
Stat analysis. Woo.
snort. mfft- warble

End of the night:
Occam’s Razor: “All other things being equal, the simplest solution is the best.”
This can [somewhat] be applied to prepping a Marketing Plan, Stat Analysis and a Promo Plan.
i.e. take dated government stats with a grain of salt. A lot can happen in three years. Go with what you know from immediate info gathered from Surveys, Focus Groups and Rock concerts.
And the most Occam’s Razor thing about today: take the advice of seesters when they tell you to take out all words under four letters when condensing. 🙂 SO much easier to condense. You realize that you can actually eliminate entire sentences.

Wasn’t that an EXCITING post?!

Lately, I live in my studio

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Time goes by. So quickly.
I have no idea what Madonna was going through with Hung Up, but I couldn’t disagree more.
Now fully into my biz course, I have realized that what I am proposing as an end result in my business plan has evolved quite rapidly. There is so much else to what I am doing; to what I am creating. I feel HIGH because of it!
As the layers are peeled, revealed is each aspect to what I will have built as a plan. An then, the execution of the plan begins.
While everyone is wondering and planning and gushing around me for what their New Year’s Eve plans and New Year’s resolutions are going to be, I remain somewhat silent. My mind, my thoughts, my schedule are far into February, March, May, even. It’s crazy. I have never felt so focused.
Although I am tired from what has been December and exhausted from what will be, I am surprisingly living in the moment.
Clarity: The “ting” of beautiful, crystal stemware.
Now- just the time to find to do it all in.
Time goes by. So quickly.

Holiday struggle (9-365): GUEST BLOGGER GLAMMA

Holiday struggle (9-365)

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Guest Blogger: Glamma

It seems like everything about this season is laid out to be a struggle. We are struggling with balancing the money, time, sleep, entertainment, drinking, the crowds, personalities, and the ever famous string of lights. I say kick bak, let them fight as we wrap ourselves in the colors of the season. Happy Holidays.

Where Are We? What The Hell?

Bath Finale

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The beginning lyrics from an Imogen Heap song. I had that as my status in Facebook, the first time I have done a facebook update in aeons. Immediately, I got messages of concern asking me what’s up? What’s up- Well, song lyrics that I like and that have SOME relevance to my life at the moment. No drama. Just: What the hell?

Although this self portrait was originally intended as just another shot for a 365 Self Portrait group I belong to, it speaks in other ways.
Where are we? What the hell?
Leaving an old year, entering a new one. I have asked the previous questions more times than I can count. [Well, not really. If I wasn’t so lazy, I would count.] For the first time in a long while, I know where I am. I know what the hell. It feels kinda good but I still proceed with an air of caution.
What felt really good was taking a bath (which I never do), immersing my head and blowing out all of the air I held in until nothing more came out. What a release!
I highly recommend it.

Where are you? What the hell?

Dundas West


Dundas West

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Although I was almost asleep, I had to get some shots of the 1st real snowfall in Toronto.
Check out a few more photos at: