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At the end of writing my business plan, I am preparing cue cards to present my faux-presentation tomorrow. Having now written my Executive Summary, it is apparent to me that I can- basically- present the entire Plan based on it. The actual, real presentation is on Thursday. I NEED to focus.
I know. This is all terribly exciting. It is to me too. I really enjoyed this “course” but I’m at my wits end some days as I just want to get on with it. Ironically, I have increased my clientele, my business, my repeat customers; I really didn’t expect this. I was busy in December (to be expected) which was a far cry from August thru November. If you have never lived off of credit, I DO NOT recommend it. Life is just a big series of catching up right now. Catching up with bills from the Fall. I’m almost there. But it took too much time, too much borrowing and too much of everything, really. I think that the farce that was the economic scare this past fall was something that was intentional to us, the small business owners. Sorry, Global Economists. Your BS did not work on me in the end. It took some creativity- with the help of the knowledge I gained from The Toronto Business Development Centre- I have realized even more what I have and had to do to survive.
But here I am . Working up to a 30 hour week, in class for 20 hours a week and homework that requires at least 10 hours on top of everything else.
Now- just to add a little desert- I was contacted on Friday by the ex-Exec Producer from a show that I worked on last year; she wants to talk about a pitch for a TV show I sent to her last April. I thought that it had been kyboshed. I realize that development takes time but I really didn’t realize that it takes that much time for Developers (of whom she now is) to realize a great, potential show. Apparently, Tv show developers are inundated with potential shows. Who knew? A lot of you, most likely. I did not. At any rate, I am happy to know that there is still interest.
I am also trying to find time to prep for our meeting on Wednesday to talk about the potential of the show, give examples of treatments and a revised pitch (of which we will potentially do together). I am happy she seems genuinely excited about the possibility. More on that later. I just need to find 10 more hours this week to come up with what I need/ want to be prepared for Wednesday.
Glamma has been away for over a week. He was originally supposed to come home tomorrow but he has decided to extend his trip for another week. Very glad for him that he has decided this! So many opportunites on The Coast. Great work, great hob-nobbing, great lectures, great dinners with Emmy and Oscar Award winning makeup artists. Not to mention meetings with Tattoo Artists that are ACTUALLY willing to share their knowledge.
At any rate, my present bed-mates, two kitties known as Baily and M, have pretty much taken over the bed after I retire for the evening. Last night was a night of complete bed-hogging by the two. So much so that I ended up on the other side of the bed. Oh, those cats!
It’ll be an interesting week.
I will try to blog again on Wednesday after my meeting with my favorite EP/ Developer.
Stay well.
Stay warm.
Just Stay.

Procrastimarketing: AKA Occam’s Razor

Beginning of the day:
I am working on a seven page marketing presentation for Wednesday/ Thursday.
All the live long day and night and tomorrow and the day after that.
Market research is fun.
Oh, wait. No. No, it isn’t fun.
Stats. Yay.
Stat analysis. Woo.
snort. mfft- warble

End of the night:
Occam’s Razor: “All other things being equal, the simplest solution is the best.”
This can [somewhat] be applied to prepping a Marketing Plan, Stat Analysis and a Promo Plan.
i.e. take dated government stats with a grain of salt. A lot can happen in three years. Go with what you know from immediate info gathered from Surveys, Focus Groups and Rock concerts.
And the most Occam’s Razor thing about today: take the advice of seesters when they tell you to take out all words under four letters when condensing. 🙂 SO much easier to condense. You realize that you can actually eliminate entire sentences.

Wasn’t that an EXCITING post?!

This is what we do: Jan 01, 09


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Day 1 of 2009.

Pammers, Glamma and I all headed out for a yummy, greasy spoon breakfast.
The people sitting next to us in the diner on Queen West were very unimpressed with the fact that we were all sitting about with our respective iPhones and Blackberry and taking photos. Not that we were trying to impress. Unhappy looks were shot our way as an unhappy conversation took place at that table. You know the conversations: Nothing in their lives nor in anyone they were taking about had any kind of goodness to it. I think that if they had an iPhone, their lives would be greatly enriched.
Glad that they were “happy” on their happy, new year’s day.

We carried on.

We conversed about being happy to not have a hangover as we figured that a lot of our peeps might not be so lucky today! Damn New Year’s Hangovers!

I prefer to start any new time in my life (new year, new career, new anything that requires reflection and/ or change) fresh. Not hung. Like so many previous times in my life. It was great!

At any rate, Happy 2009, all. Hope this day finds you well, happy and not hung over. If not, reflect a little more today to see what it is that can change to make it better, if it’s at all controlable.
Happiness is not superficial. Being deep is fantastic, as long as you can find balance and allow yourself some “un-thinking” time to let “it will” be.
Being deep and miserable is seriously over-rated.


Lately, I live in my studio

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Time goes by. So quickly.
I have no idea what Madonna was going through with Hung Up, but I couldn’t disagree more.
Now fully into my biz course, I have realized that what I am proposing as an end result in my business plan has evolved quite rapidly. There is so much else to what I am doing; to what I am creating. I feel HIGH because of it!
As the layers are peeled, revealed is each aspect to what I will have built as a plan. An then, the execution of the plan begins.
While everyone is wondering and planning and gushing around me for what their New Year’s Eve plans and New Year’s resolutions are going to be, I remain somewhat silent. My mind, my thoughts, my schedule are far into February, March, May, even. It’s crazy. I have never felt so focused.
Although I am tired from what has been December and exhausted from what will be, I am surprisingly living in the moment.
Clarity: The “ting” of beautiful, crystal stemware.
Now- just the time to find to do it all in.
Time goes by. So quickly.

Boxing Day

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A wonderful time spent at Pammers’ place yesterday, Christmas and Day 5 of Hannukah.
We had a gorgeous, delicious, moist (!) Turkey, loads of veggies, loads of everything, really. I’m STILL stuffed.
I finally got to speak with my family into the evening after their very own hectic day. I had talked to my sister earlier in the day but I finally got to talk to my very exhausted Mom into the evening. She ended her day with a sleep-over at my sister’s. It was weird to not get to speak with my Dad on Christmas day but I hope to talk to him today or tomorrow. While still being cryptic, I’m guessing he will be uber-exhausted after his journey over the past couple of days.
Off to our buddy, Oliver’s, today. Check out his music and purchase it. That’s the REAL treat you want ot buy yourself with all of your Christmas money! Click on his name above and, when you’re ready, click here to get the CD from CDBaby.

Hope all of your Chrismukkahs were- and still are- amazing.
All the power to any of you who braved shopping today.
I did a boxing day shop once; I really doubt I ever will again. :/

Holiday struggle (9-365): GUEST BLOGGER GLAMMA

Holiday struggle (9-365)

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Guest Blogger: Glamma

It seems like everything about this season is laid out to be a struggle. We are struggling with balancing the money, time, sleep, entertainment, drinking, the crowds, personalities, and the ever famous string of lights. I say kick bak, let them fight as we wrap ourselves in the colors of the season. Happy Holidays.