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“This victory is not the change we seek. It is the chance to make the changes”.


Palin Vs. Clinton

It AMAZES me that the Democrats- more specifically, Obama- are taking the bait from Republicans by responding to Palin’s critiques of the Dems and Obama. But, of course, if he were to remain silent, he would be inundated with critique from pundits and the media in general.

Damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.

It continues to be a spectacular launch of a new product from the Republicans. Everyone IS taking the bait: Obama, the liberal media/ pundits, the people. And, yes. Even those of us who get what they are doing! We are talking about her. Blogging about her. Damning ourselves at the same time we are damning she and her party. 

When did this become about Sarah Palin? How did this become about Sarah Palin? How many times can I say Sarah Palin?

The new question is this: Are Clinton supporters now turning to Palin? It is a question asked in the media, both mentioning and carefully not mentioning gender. 

Are people really that vacuous that they would turn their undying support of Clinton over to McCain/ Palin because of Palin? If so, is it just because of gender that the support is given? How DIFFERENT do these women stand politically? Answer: almost at opposite ends of the spectrum. 

So how could someone change their support?

To me, it is a ridiculous amount of attention being spent on by the media. It is offensive. 

But- the media continues to feed into PalinMania and so do we. It is clearly the intention of the Republicans to get those votes of Clinton supporters. And they are gaining. 

It will be a sad day for me to see the Republicans maintaining their address in Washington for another four years if people continue to be mesmerized by the Svengali-like characters in this story; by the giant head that is the wizard of Oz. There is very little peeking to see the man behind the curtain. When there is, the findings are revealed quickly and we continue to look at the Oz-like head that is Sarah Palin.

Can we turn our attention away from the fact that this person is just a product or a catch phrase?