Canada’s Election: The Day After Tomorrow


$300 million of Canadian tax payers money has been spent in just over five weeks after Prime Minister Stephen Harper called an illegal election. $50 million of that can be attributed to a cut, by Harper, to the arts. Harper believes that $50 million would be better spent elsewhere as, of course, all of us who are artists use that federal money to throw and go to galas. Perhaps Harper needed to delve a little deeper to realize that money was there for grants; for film to made; for performances to be performed. Clearly he thinks that we are living in the lap of luxury. Doesn’t that come to mind to you when you think of artists? People living in luxury, drinking Dom Perignon and wearing Dior Homme tuxes, John Galliano gowns and Christian LaBoutin stilettos? Oh, to wish-

I digress-

Today, Canadians are angry and feeling numb. Liberals (can be equated to Democrats) are angry that the Liberal Party has a leader who is a dolt; Conservatives (can be equated to Republicans) are angry that Harper did not get the majority government that he was hoping for while no one was looking (or while Canadians were looking at the US Elections); all-in-all, Canadians are angry that we are at the same spot we were six weeks and $300 million ago. 

Wasted spending in the arts? Harper, my dear: you just proved wasted spending in a bogus election.

Yes. Today we are numb. Today, we are all talking in lower octaves- barely audible, really- shuffling our feet in the leaves. A lot of us are saying: we’ll see a change in a Liberal leader “within six business days.”

But most of us are looking to the day after tomorrow. What will happen with our country with this dufus still in office, running our country, hating homos and arts? What will his relationship be with the next US President and other leaders across the world? GOD FORBID McCain attain power-

The best news to me is that the son of the most amazing Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau ( from 1968- 1979; 1980- 1984), Justin Trudeau has entered the world of politics like many Canadians had wished he would. Trudeau has won his seat in Montreal. I can only hope that by the time there is another election, he is the new leader of the Liberal Party.



Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau

From my lips to the Universe’s ears-


Roiling and Toiling to the Polls We Go


Note the gesture of the arm and hand-



Far be it for me to say anything about what else is going on in the world aside from the US Elections. 

Canada is under attack. And I’m guessing that the rest of the world doesn’t even realize it. perhaps a lot of Canadians don’t even realize it.

To quote one of my BFFs: “Bush Lite”, Stephen Harper, had called for a federal election here in Canada. He is the Conservative Party leader and the Prime Minister of Canada. He was elected Prime Minister,”after Canadians handed his Conservatives a minority government on Jan. 23, 2006…” (CBC)

Pouncing on a Nation that may look to him like it is sleeping at the wheel, Harper has called for an election which would provide him his party’s majority that could potentially leave a lasting effect of five years. So, to quote another friend from today, allow me to highlight some of his points:


“As you may (or may not) have heard, there is a federal election on Tuesday 14 October.

It is very important to vote as Mr Harper is presently on the verge of a majority which would give the Conservatives a free hand to do what they want without any worry for the next 5 years.  People who could see their present daily lives affected negatively include:

-artists/theatre professionals;


-anyone who cares about the environment;

-people making less than $35,000/year;

-the disabled; and

-anyone who has left-leaning ideals.

For those who can’t figure out what to do when it comes to voting – let me help you… I’ll help you get to the polls even if I need to rent a Zipcar to help you get there.

I will get the answers any questions you have about the election.

I will not tell you for which party to cast your vote but I hope you will.



Thanks, McKell. The world needs more of you.

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