Here I sit- re-inspired

An Exciting Time 

Wow. This had been a particularly intense week of ups and downs. Really- of equal proportions.

I belong to a group of bloggers that had come together very quickly and had opened up to one another and shared just about anything that you can imagine in just as short a time. Due to an extenuating circumstance, we have essentially been torn apart. Some have stayed; some have had to leave. On their own terms. On therms that were important to them. I understand everyones raison d’etre. It’s all fine with me. I have been sad. An emotional wreck at times over this. I have never- in my reasonably short life on the Internet- been part of a blogging symposium. But we were well on our way of becoming just that. To be true- we already were. We shared so much in such a little time.

Just over a week ago, our inter-trust was breached. We are all feelers, emotional and truly long, caring individuals. Because of an incident, there has been, ostensibly, dis-ban. Speaking of that, I am sad. I am sorry. I am sorry for my hurt, for everyone hurt.

I have recently come over to wordpress. I was at the “other famous blog spot” but, ironically, knew before hand that I would be moving to wordpress because of the options that it has to offer. It was a simpler space for me.

Cut to now. Cut to tonight.

A buddy of mine- part of the original blogging group- started a post about one little thing. One thing that we all did for each other. An unspoken rule. A particular blogger whom we love- whom we all banned together for- was on her blog live. She let us know. That particular thread snowballed into a space of encouragement due to a new blogger that is part of this particular blogging group. A gal by the name of Linda Woods. She is a crafty and celebrating person who has fantastic books that are available for you all to purchase. More on that later.

What came of that particular conversation was inspirational for so Many tonight. See, we are developing a second project for this particular blogger whom we all love and find spirit, growth, compassion, light, and yellow from. I had been having a particularly deep week (to say the least- what with the difficulty in the dis-ban and overall sadness in a week that i should have been celebrating the most. The best week in my life since I don’t know when. I realized that I could make dream into reality by following up on my dream and getting out there and making it happen- even if it meant having to get through 81 panic attacks to get there. I did it, thanks to the makers of Xanax, Valerian Root and Kava Kava.

I digress-

What was really special for me tonight is that my blogger friend Many came to connect that her dream can and will be reality. I love her for that. It’s hard to describe (well, maybe not to fellow bloggers) how much a person whom you never physically have ever come face to face with can mean so much to you. I cannot explain how genuinely happy and excited I am for mon ami.

So, I just want to give a big thanks tonight (this morning?) to author and all-in-all crafty little artist Linda Woods and to Kelly G for being such amazing inspirations to not only me- but to so many others- especially Many- tonight. I could say: “You have no idea” but I have already personally told you so, you do have an idea.

When I figure out how to link here with an image (!), I will post Linda’s books that you all have to purchase. They will freak your freak and make you realize the gift that you have within.

To sum up:

Today, I am thankful for the following:

Kelly G

Linda Woods

Many M

and to Apple, the makers of macbook, for supplying my hubby with his very own personal macbook. It is giving him hours of entertainment and he is a happy camper. He has even gone as far tonight to ask me how my bloggers are doing. So- Apple- thanks for that.

From this day forward, I plan to bounce off the virtual trampoline to the cyber places that I NEED to be.

Further, I am excited that the editing process for the bane of my existence, aka My Novel, has purported into a cable-DSL high speed again. I am further thankful for my editors June D and Pamela D. Don’t worry, ladies. You’ll get full cred once the novel has a spine and can be purchased!

Peace. Out.