A message from my buddy Lukas

RJ is at the end of this viddy!


back on canuck soil

we’ve been back from LA for a few days now. generally, we are going thru withdrawl but this time, it’s not as bad as we have our counter-parts with. 

it’ll be sucky when they leave. 😦

in the mean time, we have a lot of work to catch up on; a lot of people to reconnect with; another show; and beyond.

we went to Canadian Idol with Lukas and Kendra on Tuesday as he was an invited guest. The kids (contestants) wooed over him, he met with them after the show and connected with each of them. he invited them all to the show next week. they are all coming! they are beyond happy!


Stars Down. Toronto. Come one, Come all.

Tickets are ONLY $15! Gotta do it. These boys- as I’ve said a million times before- ROCK SHIT! Clever. Nothing short of musical and lyrical geniuses. 




A post to ALL LA and vicinity readers

My buddy Lukas is playing with his band, Stars Down, in San Juan, Capistrano CA June 20th and at the Viper Room in LA June 21. 

Come one, come all! It promises to be a great time! Their music rocks shit out!

For those of you coming, be sure to bring your entourages, small or big. 

The entertainment presses will be in attendance so it’ll be great to see a full house at both places!

Thanks, Possums!