Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You


Money. Debt. Loss. Unnecessary gas shortages.

I think that we, the people are being duped. I have said it before. I’m saying it again.

But this is what I don’t understand: Where is the uprising? It seems that at least 75% of Americans didn’t want this bailout- a bold and blatant “one final move” brought to you by Geo. W. Bush. 75% is probably a conservative estimate, actually. 

So where’s the uprising? Why are “the people” not taking over the government that they created to begin with? Reach back to the beginning of the Democratic Republic that became (North) America. Is it working? Have times changed so much that it needs to be revised? Does government need a complete over-haul? 

In my humble opinion, it does.

America has been Democrat vs. Republican for centuries now. There is no Democratic Republic. The American people have become complacent regarding what “governs” them. I lie. Most humans have become complacent; from whatever they come from. I am in Canada. We have become complacent here too.

Money and markets and Big Business has become the rule; the govern that governs the government. Worldwide. Money talks, bullshit walks. But bullshit has now become our day-to-day lives. The basic, simplest of living. There will be none of that. We are in the midst of more than an economic depression; we are in the midst of a world torn. And the hero that we’re all holding out for (be you Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Conservative, Libertarian, Independent, etc) ain’t coming. There is no hero.

[Oh. And NO ONE won the first presidential debate. That’s just a whole lot of BS that we’re being fed by media. Yet, here I sit listening and watching and reading all media. Left, Right and Otherwise.]

This bailout would have affected the entire world. Financial experts from many countries are saying both that it will and that it won’t. But it is inevitable. Regardless of a bailout or plunging markets, we are lost. We have become beyond obsessed- ruled by, really- with finance over all.

We are officially in the midst of worldwide turmoil. No longer are we- in the western world- in the land of the free. It’s a farce. It doesn’t exist. As much as we are still led to believe that it does. West, East. We are officially screwed. 

A blogger friend suggested that the beaches in Costa Rica are looking good right about now to which I responded: If there is an extraterrestrial life, now’s the time to show it’s face. Because I don’t think that Costa Rica- or even the smallest Island in the South Pacific; or even an escape to the Yukon- is going to help protect us or help us forget, for that matter. [I’d still like to be lying on the beaches of Costa Rica!]

Still- my bags are 1/2 packed. To go where. I don’t know. But this is not a world that I’m liking too much at the moment. 

In the (not so) famous words of Carl Sagan’s fictional character, Palmer Joss*: “What I’m asking is: are we happier? Is the world fundamentally a better place because of science and technology? We shop at home, we surf the Web, and at the same time we feel emptier, lonelier, and more cut off from each other than at any other time in human history…”

An article of interest (at least to me):

*Contact by Carl Sagan

9/11: History, Present, Future

I have reflected- in print- on 9/11 for the last two years.

I have reflected about many things in the past: Where I was, what I was doing; who and what that day reminds me of.

On this anniversary, I am thinking of a film.

What, with the elections just around the corner. What, with the media and political circus and political drama, and political “chess” moves that are being palyed in American Politics, all North American Politics, World Politics at the moment. 

Today is a different day for me than past 9/11 anniversaries.

9/11/01 was the catalyst to a lot of the world as we know it now.

Today, I can see how far we have NOT come as a planet; as a conscious race of humans; as people who seem to have been given faery dust and are still asleep. The whole world seems to have become a bizarre kind of Brigadoon.

To quote a friend’s response when I questioned the media’s motives as of late: “It’s all diversion, deflection, and meaningless speculation… The new American media is about opinions, not facts.” Is it just me or has the media drastically changed since 9/11? [Or was it like this before?] And I’m not just talking about the obvious Rupert Murdoch and Fox. I’m talking about all of it. MSNBC. CNN. Even the BBC. The list can go on. To me, it’s appears that almost every Media outlet is a Stepford wife.

Today, Palin’s son is deployed to Iraq. Pardon me: “Eye-Rack.” Perhaps it’s coincidence but I can’t help but notice that it came at a very convenient time. 

Of course I think about what was lost that day. But as I reflect, I think more about what has been lost since. 9/11/01 is a marker. I don’t want to take away from the horror; the loss; the pain that everyone- especially the families and 1st responders- has gone through and what this day represents for them.

Today- 9/11/08- I just can’t help but think of the film, Wag The Dog. And I can’t help but think that we have been- and continue to be- duped.