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September 2, 2008


  1. I have lots of naturally curly hair with a fine texture. I’ve been wearing it in a layered bob for years now–wash and wear hair, air dried, finger styled. I’d like to update the shape of my cut so it’s younger and face flattering, but still easy care. I’m 46 and my jawline is softening so my face is getting squarer. I have a long neck, hair is thicker on top than on the sides.

    Photos here (scroll down to bottom two shots)

    What are your thoughts about growing it? Not uber-long but to your shoulders. Keep it layered- with longer layers. It should take a little while (8 months+). The great thing is that you can still air dry it, style it with your fingers or get REALLY daring and blow it out. I think it would look great!

  2. Dear Jake,

    These answers are FABULOUS!!!! Thanks for taking the time to add this fabulous new section. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your site!

    XO Cara

    Thanks Cara!

  3. evenin’ jake – looks like this section has started off well – whoo hoo!

    I have very thick hair – albeit it is fine. right now it is very short it was cut with a razor – [seems to be best on my hair] and i enjoy lightly spiking it up a bit. i have 5 cowlicks [unreal] – so i wind up having to use too much “glue” j/k – in addition i am over 60 [ugh] do not want to look like a majour aging punk rocker – so what do you suggest that i use to accomplish a spiky fun look?

    thank you. blessings…palestar

    My favorite product for this is TiGi Beadhead’s “A Hair Stick For Cool People”. It’s fan-freaking-tastic! Click on the image below for more info on this great product!

  4. Ok so I have super curly super frizzy hair. Love my curls hat the frizz!
    How do I tame it??

    I used to use Bed Head gel but haven’t in quite a while.

    No shock to my answer here! Redken! Two products: 

    Redken outshine 01

    Redken curl force 17

  5. Hey Jake! I know you say no to box coloring. I can’t afford the salon coloring, and I want my hair dark, so don’t want to do highlights. My hair, uncolored is 50% to 60% grey. What would you suggest for me to do?

    Head to a beauty supply place in your nearest city or town and buy something professional. A lot of beauty supply stores don’t require you to have a license. HOWEVER! I think the best thing you can do is head to a hair school and get it done. Being as you’re looking to be a solid dark, this is the easiest thing to get. Just remember: Going solid requires a lot of maintenance. Every 4- 6 weeks.

  6. Hey Jake!

    Nifty little site here…and how cool that you actually ANSWER peeps questions!

    1) Were you always cool, and, is it painful to be so cool? I think it must be. D
    2) How lucky are you to get to hang out with other cool (albeit short) peeps like my girl L. Woods?
    3) When I finally get to play out a long time dream of mine and sk8 with a roller derby team, will you please trick me out so i look the part?

    1) Errr. No! Ask anyone from my junior high. I was the kid that was kicked around. It just made me strong, want to get out of where I was and be someone.

    2) VERY cool!

    3) sk8ing as roller derby girl? I’m there!


August 26, 2008

Yay! First question! So yeah, do hair vitamins do anything special? My hair grows way too slow.


Comment by Jane August 25, 2008 @ 2:33 pm

Slow. Fast. It’s relative. In my opinion, how long it takes for your hair to grow has a lot to do with diet and stress.
The only TOPICAL product I ever suggest for hair is a horse’s mane-type product. For instance, ECRINOL is one of my favs. It’s especially great if you find that you have had unusual amounts of hair falling out.
The best vitamins you can use should be taken orally: Antioxidents like A, C and E. Biotin, B6 and B12 are especially great for a boost in hair and nail growth.
Yeah ..second’s

I want to get a tattoo of a butterfly , is it possible to put it on the top of my hand between my thumb and pointer finger ?

And… when are you coming to Maine?


Comment by Penny August 25, 2008 @ 3:32 pm

 Hell yeah, Penny! I LOVE tatty’s there! Nice and fleshy area to do it too.

Dear Jake,
I have extremely thick, bulky and coarse hair with a natural but uneven wave. My hair is styled in long layers just past my shoulders. I am frustrated with trying to blow dry my hair to straighten and smooth it as it is. Is there a way to suggest to my stylist, that my hair needs to be thinned out without using a razor and ripping the hair strands. Please help.

Feeling like Bozo the Clown in MD
Aka DBsmom aka Cara

Comment by cara August 25, 2008 @ 4:17 pm

If you don’t want your stylist to thin you out using the traditional method, try staying with the same length and get shorter layers. A lot shorter. [I will try to find a diagram.] This way, you can continue with wearing a ponytail when needed, albeit a bit higher on the head. AND! if you decide that you want to use a straightener (or large barrel iron for that matter), it takes a hell of a less amount of time.

jake! this is so exciting! especially since i can go over 200 characters!

i am getting old, jake. the grey is taking over. i know i need to start coloring it instead of just getting highlights. what is the advantage of going to my stylist over buying a box in target and doing it myself?? i’m worried that once i start going to my stylist, i will have to go every 6 weeks or something and that will begin to put a huge dent in the funds, you know?

hope you are well!!! xo

Comment by liz August 25, 2008 @ 8:01 pm

 Highlights are always the answer. lots of them. That way, the visits can be more like every three months as opposed to four to six weeks for a solid color. Put the box of dye down, girl! I know it’s tempting, but- you’re just going to have a more noticable root.

Hey Jake this is a great idea! Good advice about the vitamins for hair by the way, but in our store (Health Food Store) we also suggest adding Silica to the Vitamins you suggested! Works for hair skin and nails!

My question is; what do you suggest for an old person who has stubborn, straight hair that doesn’t take colour very well? (meaning that it doesn’t seem to last long because my hair grows fast so I gave up colouring it a few years ago) Now I’m completely grey…..any suggestions?

Andrea in Windsor

Comment by Andrea August 26, 2008 @ 9:30 am

Aye. There’s the rub. IF you want to color, ask your stylist to prime your hair first. like straight, with a low Vol. developer. Then, color. I suggest high, highlights for you if you are that grey/ white. Do shades of your ORIGINAL natural color on the under side of your hair (under on the sides, under in the back- at the nape). Don’t be led into semi-permanents.  

YEAH!!! Ask Jake!

okay….what would you do if you really wanted a Jake hug, but Jake was no where near? Thanks! Have a splendid day!!!

Comment by manymeez August 26, 2008 @ 10:19 am

Hmmm. That’s a hard one. Anyone out there know anything about transporting?


4 Responses

  1. When exploring places to go for tattoos, what should I look for? I am worried that i will go to the wrong type of place …. how long does it take? does it really hurt?
    any after care I should know about? chance of infection?
    I really want one, but cant stop thinking I am going to die getting it !

  2. why the fuck did i cut my bangs?

  3. Hi Mr. Jake!!
    I am in a bang crisis and want/desperately need YOUR opinion.
    So many people are telling me to let my bangs grow out…which is torture from hell…but I would if I have to.
    I think I want to keep bangs…but just wispy-make my face not look so fat- kind of bangs.
    What do you think?
    XOXO Cara

    PS… I followed your advice (see above) and had my stylist thin and add layers. It is working out well!

  4. LOL! After looking at this website and reading some of the make-up application suggestions. Please Jake…Tell me how is it possible that you are able to turn a blind eye when you meet somebody like myself who is wearing make-up but possibly applying it in a manner that goes against the Jake grain. Do you sometimes not feel that you just wanna scream at bad make-up applications? LOL!!!

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