Palin Vs. Clinton

It AMAZES me that the Democrats- more specifically, Obama- are taking the bait from Republicans by responding to Palin’s critiques of the Dems and Obama. But, of course, if he were to remain silent, he would be inundated with critique from pundits and the media in general.

Damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.

It continues to be a spectacular launch of a new product from the Republicans. Everyone IS taking the bait: Obama, the liberal media/ pundits, the people. And, yes. Even those of us who get what they are doing! We are talking about her. Blogging about her. Damning ourselves at the same time we are damning she and her party. 

When did this become about Sarah Palin? How did this become about Sarah Palin? How many times can I say Sarah Palin?

The new question is this: Are Clinton supporters now turning to Palin? It is a question asked in the media, both mentioning and carefully not mentioning gender. 

Are people really that vacuous that they would turn their undying support of Clinton over to McCain/ Palin because of Palin? If so, is it just because of gender that the support is given? How DIFFERENT do these women stand politically? Answer: almost at opposite ends of the spectrum. 

So how could someone change their support?

To me, it is a ridiculous amount of attention being spent on by the media. It is offensive. 

But- the media continues to feed into PalinMania and so do we. It is clearly the intention of the Republicans to get those votes of Clinton supporters. And they are gaining. 

It will be a sad day for me to see the Republicans maintaining their address in Washington for another four years if people continue to be mesmerized by the Svengali-like characters in this story; by the giant head that is the wizard of Oz. There is very little peeking to see the man behind the curtain. When there is, the findings are revealed quickly and we continue to look at the Oz-like head that is Sarah Palin.

Can we turn our attention away from the fact that this person is just a product or a catch phrase?


Can’t Get Enough Of That GOP, Spelling-esque Drama!

I surprise myself.

I amaze myself. And not in the same way that Ashton Kutcher states that he is amazing.

After having watched what I personally deem the featured highlight at last week’s DNC- of the epic mini-film/ homage of Ted Kennedy (complete with Jerry Goldsmith-esque soundtrack) and his speech (with Maria Shriver and Caroline Kennedy in tears)- I thought to myself: what can possibly top this? I am serious when I say that I was really moved by that.

Well, I amaze myself because I am far more attached and fascinated by the excitement the led up to the RNC. The announcement of Sarah Palin as the Veep running mate to McCain peaked my interest into the Republicans. No. Not because I thought I would change my mind. Please. Everything they stand for is against everything that I am as a human being. [Damn. What ever happened to out Libertarian Ron Paul having run as a Republican? That may have changed my point of view-]

I am fascinated at this real life evening drama- not unworthy to what Aaron Spelling might have produced- unfold. 

Case in point. Palin’s daughter Bristol (a great name picked out by an extremely right-wing conservative, I might add) is pregnant at 17. Sarah Palin’s obsequious stance for abstinence in teens: Palin said when running for governor in 2006 that she would support funding for abstinence-only education in schools, according to Eagle Forum Alaska, a conservative group that sent a questionnaire asking gubernatorial candidates their views on a range of issues.”

Although I applaud the family’s support for their daughter, there is a hypocracy here that can’t go unnoticed. Clearly, there is a non-belief in Choice for Palin (not surprising; but from the speech that she delivered accepting the VP nom in a ticket with McCain and how she will be the woman who shatters the 18,000,000 cracks in the glass ceiling that Clinton provided her- a bit of a feminist stance- one might think differently). Of course, abortion is out of the question. But what really gets me is the fact that she is completely oblivious to the fact that teens are teens and they are going to do what they want. Like have sex. Like have unprotected sex. Me believes that Bristol doth protested her Mama’s stance too much and went out and got hers. With consequence. But I DO applaud the support. Albeit trite. Palin could not possibly, publicly chastise her daughter and her actions. No. Instead, Bristol will marry the fellow that knocked her up. Good plan! Get married at 17! That’s going to be a lasting relationship.

At least now McCain/ Palin has the public support of Evangelicals et al throughout the US.

Gotta love a family that is all about keeping up appearances. 

I appreciate that “both sides” have asked the media to keep out of this; to let family matters be family matters. But we live in the age that we live in. And it’s going to be even more of a media frenzy than it already is. This “story” is a media field day. Or week. Or months. 

I feel for Bristol. I really do. I wonder what her choice would be if she had one? There’s an island at longitude 20 degrees south and latitude 163 degrees west. It’s called Nim’s Island. I have a feeling she might be safe there. And, right about now, I wonder if that’s where she would like to be.

A post to ALL LA and vicinity readers

My buddy Lukas is playing with his band, Stars Down, in San Juan, Capistrano CA June 20th and at the Viper Room in LA June 21. 

Come one, come all! It promises to be a great time! Their music rocks shit out!

For those of you coming, be sure to bring your entourages, small or big. 

The entertainment presses will be in attendance so it’ll be great to see a full house at both places!

Thanks, Possums!