Oasis brothers attacked on stage

Brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher were the target of a- fan?- at a VFest concert in Toronto last evening, Sunday September 7th. 

Noel (lead guitar and some lead vocals) was shoved from behind by the assailant- who immediately went next for Liam (vocals). Luckily, their body guards were so quick on their feet that by the time the assailant got to Liam, he didn’t stand a chance and he was hauled off the stage. Watch in this video around the 1:30 mark:

After a 15- 20 minute “interlude”, the band came back on stage and finished their set. 

This was a total WTF moment for me. This incident immediately puts to mind some of the performer peeps that I work with. It hits me in the pit of my stomach. 

Who knows what the motive was. Issues arise with fans. Jilted fans. And the jilt could be as simple as saying to a fan: “what’s up?” not in the way that they want you to. The jilt could be as simple as saying to a fan: “Thanks for the kudos but I’m just having dinner with a friend right now.” I’ve seen it. It can be weird. But I hope never to see anything like this.


Madonna 50

Madonna 50: PT 3

Like when Jackie O turned 60 but only better.

In the summer of 2000, California beckoned. We had given up our place after being offered jobs there. It didn’t work. Instead, we got a loft for what we knew would be our last year in Vangroovy.

In August of 2001, We packed everything that we owned in a large U-Haul and drove across the country to Toronto with only leads for jobs. We were leaving behind great jobs, great money, to “come what may”. On our trip, we listed to a lot of Madge of the past: a retrospective; and a lot of heavy dance remixes. Put two gay men in a car-

We arrived in Toronto days before 9/11. 

Glamma took a job in retail management and I took a job with Dior, traveling as their makeup artist. Our intention was to make something happen but we- along with the rest of North America- were still numb from what happened. It was two years later. Everyone seemed to be questioning their mortality; trying more to make sense of what was going on in the Bush regime. He was still trying to smoke ’em out of their holes but it seemed that less and less of us were buying it.

A month after “Operation Iraqi Freedom”, Madge came out with poignant prose. American Life was in stores, on MTV and all over the news. One version of The video depicted a laughing George W whom she blows up. A lot of people cheered while another lot thought it in bad taste. His actions were resonating in so many minds- and clearly, they were resonating in hers. Her comment was strong. We applauded.

A few years passed. Glamma and I made ourselves stuck in jobs we hated. We were less and less inspired although we were enjoying Toronto. We wanted more out of it. So we started clubbing again. And I started writing.

The fall of 2005, Confessions on a Dancefloor came out. We were hooked. It was the first record in years that we LOVED from beginning to end. Although there were many dance remixes made, I preferred the album edits.

Our club anthem, of course, was Hung Up. Get Together reminded me of who would star in the scripted version of the novel I was writing (I don’t know why!); I Love New York, while the lyrics were ridiculous, had a great beat and was easy to dance to. I gave it an 8. 

Glamma and I hit a sour spot in our relationship at the seven year mark (go figure!) but we worked it out! I was listening to Jump a lot. He originally thought that it was because I wanted to break up with him but, in reality, it was because I needed OUT of the job I detested. Isaac was fantastic to me, even though Madge got a lot of criticism for it. I just thought it was a fantastic story from the old world. 

We listened to Confessions over and over for a year before I finally was given the opportunity to jump out of the job that I hated so much. Thank the Universe for down-sizing and lay-offs that buy you out. It was magic. I was finally able to finish writing my novel (three years later, we are still editing it-).

A year later, Glamma got his wish and was out of his no-where job that he gave too much of himself to. With getting nothing in return. 

We were both focused and finally allowed to do what we wanted. What we did so many years before. Work for ourselves. The first couple of years were rocky- and it still is- but then we finally got to work with celebs again. And work in the city that beckoned me for the third time in my life: LA.

Music became so much a part of our lives- thanks to Glamma- and we were hearing things that were art. we were making art again. We were who we were meant to be. 

Quite suiting, Hard Candy came out while we made our first return to LA to work. Give It To Me reminds me of watching Our Boys playing Hacky Sack. In fact, I made an iMovie with Give It to them playing. Our BFF Pamela had gone through a bad breakup and She’s Not Me was part of her rebuild in confidence. The Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You is just great prose put to music (JT convinced Madge to put this poetry to music). 

And here we are today. We have spent the better part of the year traveling, working; together and seperately. When I am away from Glamma, Miles Away makes me think of him. I much prefer working with him when we are abroad. 

SO, Madonna. Thanks for the music. Thanks for the walk down my own Memory Lane. And- Happy Birthday, lady. Here’s to another 25 years of fierce music and memories that will go with them. 

Madonna 50: PT 1

Madonna 50: PT 2

Stars Down. Toronto. Come one, Come all.

Tickets are ONLY $15! Gotta do it. These boys- as I’ve said a million times before- ROCK SHIT! Clever. Nothing short of musical and lyrical geniuses. 




Summer, Stars Down, Stars Up, Weddings and Over-all Feeling Good

I live for summer.

It is everything that is important to me: longer days, loads more sun; it’s great for the soul. 

As many of you know, I have worked as a makeup artist, hair stylist and stylist for many moons. 

Until two years ago TODAY, I had made my rounds working in the fashion, TV and Film, and Fashion House industries. The last of the preceding, I had spent many years working. I worked for a major label within the LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey) groups and I thought it was the answer. 

In the last year that I worked for them, I began to write. Well, I had written before, but- mostly- that had consisted of either thesis and papers in University or preparing curricula for post-secondary schools or training material. No. I was writing about my experience; my expertise in the business. It got me. It had me. It made me realize that I was more than a cog in a machine. Which is what i had essentially become. Without realizing it. 

Two years ago today. Crazy how time shifts to going fast when you are doing things that you love. When I left this fashion house in question, I knew that I would have a go at it. I felt lost but at the same time, I had wanted out for so long. It just wasn’t who I was anymore. For all of the ups and downs that I have experienced in the past two years- for all of the struggles I have had to face- I stuck to my conviction(s) of both making sure I had work for myself, that I would work for my Self and that I would be happier in the end.

And I have had great successes. I am happy about that.

But I am bummed about a couple of things. With successes comes the nay-sayers- people that you have known and loved for a long time- that will stop at nothing to try to either bring you down or accuse you of being a Mr. Big Shot. I am not. But I do realize where a lot of it comes from. I have been that nay-Sayer. But, the more you see yourself for your Self and the more you are comfortable with the new niche that you are providing your Self as you move on, carry on, the more you recognize what and where those feelings from the nay-Sayers are. It stings- I’m not gonna lie- but it becomes clear. I remember the first time I felt this; the first time that I felt disdain from someone because I was doing something that was out of the norm or out of character. But- as I believed in my convictions- I was doing it. I was shunned by a lot of people. There were even rumors about me, about what I was REALLY doing and a lot of: “I don’t really believe this is happening” kind of thing. “How could he just do that?”

Sadly, I am 38 years old and this has happened to me a lot in the past few months. 2008 has shaped up to be a kick-ass year (the best in years). A lot of people that I have had familiarity with, I find that I do not anymore. 

I wish that I could share my joy with a lot of these peeps; a lot of the people whom I love. I wish that they would really want to do the same for/ with me. But that continues to be my wish-

And I carry on-

So, it is Summer. It is. Not officially, but it is.

I continue to be blessed. I will travel to LA to work a little more this summer (next week; July; perhaps more). Stars Down will be a hit. You will love their songs. You will hum them in your car and in the grocery store and in clothing shops around the country. It’s that kind of strength in music; in lyrics. I am glad to be along for the ride with these rising stars.

Stars up. The summer also brings meteor showers. My favorite. August- although a long way away- will bring the Perseid Meteor Shower. I will be somewhere far from a city and any city lights to be at one with the Universe when I feel closest to it; my spiritual nephew Joey in tow.

I have a few weddings to do and to attend. Which usually kinda bums me out but this year, I’m kind of looking forward to it. Who knew?

And that, mes amis, is where I am at the moment. Feeling good apart from the fact that I have had a few negative Nellies around me. Hopefully, they will change their mind. 

To all I say: Find you. Find your happiness. Do things for you Vessel that makes it happy; that feeds it.